Give Newsome the old heave-ho!

You are invited to Townhall to discuss the new Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom. June 4, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Please RSVP and include any recall questions to and the dial in information will be sent to you on Thursday.

In a matter of a few weeks, Gov. Newsom issued 40 Executive Orders and changed almost 200 State laws, without a vote of the Legislature or even informing them. So far he has signed over 400 NO BID contracts, including contracts for masks that were not approved by the FDA—to a Communist Chinese controlled firm for one billion dollars and two masks contracts to a public relations firm and two political operatives.

He has threatened Washington—and the people of California—that if the Federal government does not give him $14 billion, immediately, the first to be fired will be First Responders, teachers, firefighters and health care personnel. Newsom wants to punish us, not govern the State. But he is keeping the Train to Nowhere and still using tax dollars for special interests.

We know Newsom has taken away our First Amendment rights to assemble (no protest is allowed with more than 100 people participating), our right to religious expression (closing down churches and then allowing only 25% of capacity or 100 people, whichever is lower), and our right to freedom of speech (his protest order says you can protest and speak online—in other words, not with your friends and neighbors face to face or before the legislature).

We know the jobs he has lost for workers, the businesses too confused to be able to open up, the many businesses that will never open again. Our children have lost, and continue to lose, their right to a quality education.

One right Newsom cannot take from us is the right to petition our government. In this case, we are petitioning to Recall Governor Newsom. The Recall petition has just been approved by the Secretary of State. Join our Townhall and find out how you get involved, get petitions to sign, and be part of a recall movement to return legitimacy to California government.

Our web site is

Join folks from San Diego to Del Norte, from Orange County to Mono County, in the effort to return legitimate, Constitutional law for the 40 million people of California.

Please send this notice to your friends and email list—united we will succeed.

11 Comments on “Give Newsome the old heave-ho!

  1. Will this be the only recall this time ?
    Will you be working together?

    Many volunteers gathered signatures at the time…what will you be doing w/them? Or how will you be using them?

    Now Protesters, Rioters and Looters are everywhere in big numbers. I guess they do not care about Newsom’s order!

  2. I signed a petition to recall Gov. Newsom at my church a while ago but never heard anything back. What is the next process or step??

  3. I’m sorry I’m unable to donate any money, but I have a vote. I’d love to help that way. Please advise. We need to stop the mail-in voting. We need to protect our police department’s budget. It must not be cut. We must stop releasing prisoners out into our communities. We must allow our people to go back to work, to school, to our beaches and parks and mountains. We have to stop the insanity!!!!! Thanks.

  4. I already signed a petition to remove him. He needs to be removed immediately. I do not believe in sanctuary cities Nor do I believe in sanctuary states. I do not believe in aiding and abetting Criminals or giving to illegals that don’t deserve. He has his own agenda along with his disgusting Aunt, that is another story. I cannot be there but I want Newsom recalled

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