Get a plan, man

Wayne Root over at The Gateway Pundit has a plan.  Rather, a series of plans.  In these days when our so-called leaders bloviate platitudes while bouncing from crisis to crisis without plan or expectation of anything other than more of the same there are a few people out there who are developing plans.  A lot of these plans are unworkable, but some do show promise.  The trick is to get enough people to abandon the first kind and get lined up behind the second kind to make a difference.

My book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” will not only show you how to take the offensive against these companies, but we’ve compiled the CEO names, Board of Director names, phone number, email address, mailing address and social media address for each of the biggest companies in America who count on the spending power of conservatives, while they ignore us, insult us, offend us, and spit in our faces.

With protests, boycotts and nonstop phone calls and emails, 80 million Trump voters, Christians and patriots can change corporate behavior. Democrats like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and various union bosses have used these exact tactics for decades, with great success. Now it’s our turn. Two can play at this game.

“The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” is just Part I of my multi-pronged action plan.

How good are Root’s plans?  We’ll see.

Here we can take a few pages out of military history.  John Boyd, America’s greatest and most under appreciated military genius, gave us the OODA loop.  Observe; Orient; Decide; Act.  The plan is in the Decide step.  Observe what is going on, what the actual situation is.  Figure out where the situation is trending and what you your realistic goal should be.  Decide what to do to achieve your goal, that is, plan.  Then execute the plan.  So Wayne Root has outlined one action that can be taken now: use the tools the Left employed, “protests, boycotts and nonstop phone calls and emails” against them.  This is a good plan.  Make a plan to call one elected representative every day before lunch, especially those local to you as you will have more impact with them.  So call, voice your opinion, then have lunch.  Not one bite till your School Board, City Council, County Supervisor or any of their subordinates (City health officials, Police Chief, school Principal, County Recorder, etc. (Google is your friend, at least in this)) have heard from you!  NOT ONE BITE!

Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, repeatedly gave this advice to his officers: “An imperfect decision taken in time is better than the prefect decision taken too late.”  In a similar vein, Colin Powell, who was an effective military leader, would implement 80% solutions trusting that the final 20% would be worked out as operations unfolded.  In war time is just as much an enemy as the forces that oppose you.  Don’t wait for the enemy to do something then react to it.  Seize the initiative!  Make them react to you.  Don’t wait for a leader to tell you what to do, become the leader!

Violence and threats (other than “We will vote you out”) will not avail.  Be forceful.  Be persistent.  Expose their evil deeds relentlessly.  This is our path to victory.

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