WARNING! Adam Schiff will WIN in La Canada if we don’t get Republicans to walk the precincts!

WEDNESDAY OCT 21st  24th  2 Canvassing Events in La Canada  for Eric Early and Jeremiah Arnold!
  • 9:45 AM –  CANVASSING MEET LOCATION: La Canada.  Details provided when you RSVP either by email: gbraclub@gmx.us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
Only you can save the poor Low Information Voters in La Canada from making a terrible mistake – Voting Democrat!
Soros money is finding its way into grassroots elections in small towns all over the USA, and funding leftist candidates for school board and city council races in an attempt to subvert small communities.
We have a fine Republican, a REAL Conservative, running for a seat on the La Canada School Board, Jeremiah Arnold.
If elected, he will be the only Conservative on that body that is now being challenged by BLM using well funded Alinsky tactics.
You do NOT want Black Lives Matter and Antifa agitators teaching our kids and turning them against our Community and our Nation.
You do NOT want La Canada to become the next Seattle, Minneapolis or Portland.
This walking campaign will include drop offs for Jeremiah Arnold and Eric Early.
We need your help on October 17th at 9:30 AM in La Canada Flintridge.
Register NOW the link below to participate in this most necessary work, fellow Patriot.
Washington crossed the Delaware, you can cross the street! We’re all counting on you!
Thank you and may God Save America!
Lois Lee Brand Billings, President     Louis Barnett 1st Vice President
Glendale Burbank/Crescenta Valley Republican Assembly

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