GBRA evening with Jack Guerrero a huge success!

Jack Guerrero is the real deal.  A solid Christian conservative who has real world experience winning elections in a predominantly Democrat City – more than once.  He is clear about his values and passionate in expounding on them.  During his presentation he was repeatedly interrupted by spontaneous rounds of applause from the audience.

His is an Only In America story of immigrant parents working the fields and later the factories to raise their family.  He voluntarily attending night school at the local community college because his failing High School could not provide the kind of education he sought.  You can read about his exceptional career at this link.  When the City of Bell / Cudahay was embroiled in massive scandal he ran for City Council, won, and was promptly made the Mayor.  He cleaned out the truly amazing corruption crippling that community and set the City on a firm fiscal foundation.  He not only talks the talk, he has walked the walk, kicked rump and taken names, then sent the owners of those names to prison.

His report on the actual state of California’s finances was dismal, on contrast to the rosy fluff coming from Sacramento.  Despite the horrible situation he sees light at the end of the tunnel, there is fiscal hope for California.  Not only that, but he sees political hope for the Republican Party.  He does not see a Red Wave for California, Democrat politicians are too well entrenched, but because everybody, especially the Latino community, can see the horror that Democrat policies have inflicted on California, Democrats don’t have the solid hold they once enjoyed.

Democrat failure everywhere will be the springboard of Republican success going forward.

Jack Guerrero is leading the charge.  Guerrero means ‘warrior’ in Spanish, and Jack Guerrero is just exactly that, a true warrior.


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