Garcetti’s Gestapo

A friend of GBRA asked us to post this eye witness account on our website.

We drove through Hollywood today and you couldn’t find any signs of life hardly anybody out. Maybe that’s because Mayor Garcetti has everybody snitching on each other. We drove along PCH from Santa Monica to Malibu to Ventura. In Santa Monica and Malibu police were guarding the parking lots so that no one could go in and police were ticketing everybody who was pulled over in a car. It was like a police state.
We kept driving into Malibu and the police were randomly pulling over cars one right after the other for being outside? As we got to the Ventura county line cars were parked everywhere but not because of the police. People were all over the beaches, socially distancing and freely walking along the beach enjoying the weather. We went to a farmers market at Channel Islands Harbor and everybody was wearing face masks. We walked along the harbor, everything was normal, people were everywhere, no police to be seen.
What a difference.  LA County is a complete Police state of locked down sheep, whereas in Ventura county people were out enjoying the weather and their community.

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  1. I moved out of LA county in November of 2019 to Ventura County… decision I’ve ever made. Ventura has its health department gestapo using threats of revoking business licenses from restaurant owners though but the police don’t enforce anything they say. This is statism folks riding in on the Trojan Horse of germophobic hysteria and media propaganda. You can call it communism or fascism it doesn’t matter, it’s not individualism and it’s certainly not what the US Constitution had in mind. Recall Gavin Newsom…sign the petition NOW if you haven’t already

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