From e pluribus unum to ex unum multis

From “out of many, one” to “out of one, many.”  From one nation under God to many groups vying for supremacy.  Seems to me that there is more to this diversity junket than meets the eye.  As with all leftist initiatives the issue is never the issue.  It is all a mask to hide the agenda they dare not say aloud: the pretense of concern for the poor, the victims, the disadvantaged, is bait to seize power with your consent and cooperation.

Your Irascible Correspondent is a Diplomatic brat, my Dad having been an American Consul stationed in Mexico for most of his career.  Consequently I am not only bilingual but bicultural, or was, its been a long time since I went back to wander around under the verde, blanco y rojo.  However that may be, it didn’t take long after my return to the good ol’ USA to discover that I could monetize this experience.  I started out as a bilingual teacher’s aid in the bilingual ed program, 5th grade classroom, in the City of Lost Angels.  Bilingual education is a program I deplored then and decry now.  Some years later I was teaching Parent Effectiveness Training to parents of kids involved in gangs, drugs, truancy or just plain teenage silliness.  Since then I’ve done a lot of ad hoc counseling to Hispanic immigrants among others.  My siblings and I got tossed into Mexican schools without a whiff of Espanol as as Second Language, we all picked it up and are, sixty some years later, capable of getting on in Spanish – Castillan, properly – some of us fluently.

The kids I saw coming up from Mexico were universally better academically educated and disciplined than the Gringo kids, but they tended to resist assimilation.  It was much easier for them to hang out among themselves than mix with the Anglophone kids.  Not because the English speakers would have snubbed them, but because the Mexican kids didn’t want to make the effort involved in learning a new language.  This was the primary thing that held them back.  The secondary was they the material they were being taught they had already mastered in Mexican schools – American schools were boring.

The same dynamic was at work with the parents, it was easier to slip into the existing Spanish speaking community than join the Anglos.  But there was something else, too.  Almost all of these parents depended on California social services even more than they did on their own networks.  These social services organizations, mostly government funded, depended on keeping these people dependent.  They also fostered a sense that the Anglo majority was opposed to them, developing an us vs. them mentality that institutionalized distrust and isolation.  Because they were isolated they never fully entered into the mainstream society and thus were unable to access political power except through Hispanic politicians.    Politicians who promised much they could not deliver then blamed Anglo racism for their failure.  These ethnic blocks became the politicians’ personal herds, trotted out from time to time to leverage their quest for power.

Underlying this structural Balkanization, which I see happening with other groups as well, is the use of the divide and conquer strategy by political factions to grasp for power. As an aside, I think that the reason the Asians are targets for the Left is that they in large measure entered into the American mainstream on the basis of competence, which is why the Left does not love them as they cannot be made dependent on Government largesse.

The Diversity the Left promotes it is not a strength, it is a crippling weakness in American as in any other culture.  A house divided cannot stand, which the Commies know well even as they mock and deride the quote’s Author.  Strength comes from unity.  I noticed that after the 911 attack the nation came together very strongly, a situation intolerable to the Left; they quickly acted to shatter that unity.  For them the issue is always power: seizing it, holding it and wielding it forever.  For them Diversity is strength because they know how to play groups off against each other and the mainstream culture to attain status and power.

What they did not expect, prior to the Coup of 2020, is that the nation would have been so moved to unity by Trump’s America First agenda.  It occurs to me that the Donks acted precipitously as they did because Trump, despite his flaws, was pulling the rug out from under their power base and it would take decades to rebuild it.  Most of them are dried up old prunes not long for this world and so felt compelled to act before their own personal curtains were rung down.  Now everything they do to try and solidify their power proves another misstep leaving them even more off balance than before. They are like some drunken cartoon character who suddenly finds himself on ice, with feet flying in all directions but unable regain his footing.  Now only the pratfall remains; it can’t come too soon.  Nobody’s laughing.

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