FEMA taking over hospitals

It seems that FEMA is taking over hospitals.  Not bad enough that local folks have been turning hospitals into death camps, now they are going to be federalized.  As reported on these pages the hospitals main objective is kill people and collect the medical insurance for services rendered. How does that work?

Here’s some folks figuring out how to prevent this:

BREAKING: Legal Jailbreak-Stop Medical Murder!


There is a Modus Operandi happening all over the US, directed by Fauci, that is purposely killing just about anyone that goes to the hospital, whether for Covid or otherwise, believe it or not.  The fact pattern goes as follows:

1. Person goes to the hospital for practically any reason (i.e. broken arm, pregnant, Covid, etc.);

2. Hospital conducts a Covid Test and finds the person positive;

3. They immediately give the person an IV with Midazolam in it;

4. Which tranquilizes lung function and thereby negatively impacts oxygen absorption (typically down to around 70%);

5. The patient is moved into ICU, where they add Remdesivir to the cocktail of drugs in the IV;

6.  Family and friends are excluded from contact with the patient and often threatened with trespass charges if they try and see the patient.;

7.  The doctors are barred from prescribing any antiviral medication (including Ivermectin);

8.   The Remdesivir causes kidney failure (54% of the clinical trial participants died before the clinical trial was stopped) and the hospital starves the patient at the same time;

9.  The patient dies in ICU and the hospital gets paid big bucks for the treatment and for each Covid death – 10. Yes, they are economically rewarded for all Covid deaths through federal funding.

I’ve helped a number of folks get out of ICU Jail and I have failed at it as well.  My failures are what helped me refine the approach.   First, you must understand that any hospital receives federal funding must abide the NIH/Fauci’s protocols relating to all things Covid.  There is a specific treatment protocol that the NIH developed and it has some commonalities: a) only hospital doctors (not visiting doctors) are allowed to treat the patients; b) the first line of treatment after getting a positive Covid test (mandatory test to enter hospital care) is the provision of Midazolam or similar tranquilizers; c) once oxygen levels go down (from the lung tranquilizers) the patient is moved into a covid ward, often ICU with no contact from the outside world allowed); d) most of them are put on ventilators (more money for the hospital); e) Remdesivir is introduced as are antibiotics and steroids; f) the patients are not allowed any anti-viral medications of any kind whatsoever; f) the patients are then deprived of food and by virtue of the Remdesivir shutting down kidney operation the patient drowns in their own internal fluids; g) I understand the target is for people to last 6 days though I’ve seen some go three weeks.

I have tried being nice to hospitals and seeking the use of Ivermectin and other anti-viral medications under the Right to Try Act and had one hospital in Missouri go along with that, but only micro doses of IVM and the patient died.  We have sued hospitals with a Temporary Restraining Order forcing the hospitals to give Ivermectin and outside medical care and the hospitals’ legal counsel have threatened the judge/s with practicing medicine without a license.  In other words, the regular legal process does not work or if it does, rarely so.

My Protocol is as follows:

Retain a lawyer to contact the hospital administration to let them know there is a lawyer on the case;

Arrange for an ALS ambulance to bring the patient to another facility or home for care;

Arrange for either home hospice, home medical/doctor treatment or a different cooperating (non-federally-funded) to help the patient when they escape;

Have the lawyer arrange the exit of the patient per the foregoing;

If the hospital is uncooperative, have the lawyer call local police (sheriff’s office) to do a health, welfare and safety check on the patient;

Avoid having family force their way onto hospital grounds because it will result in a trespass charge and impeach their credibility with local law enforcement who are essential;

If necessary, file a criminal complaint with local law enforcement for medical battery, medical kidnapping and false imprisonment;

If local LE don’t want to help, have your lawyer utilize your state’s Victims’ Rights statutes (all have them) to force the police to take the complaint and investigate the alleged crimes;

Meet with press/media and political leaders, other law enforcement and AFLDS or other organizations to relay the story and protest or call the hospital with complaints about the situation.   Hospitals hate bad press and as long as the story is true there shouldn’t be any legal issues;

If necessary sue the hospital in local court for the foregoing criminal charges under companion Tort theories with a prayer for injunctive relief to transfer the patient.

All of this has to be done in three days or less because the patients are being killed as it happens.

Once a lawyer is on the case, I have found that items 1-4 are normally sufficient, though I’ve had to go through all of these steps previously.

I helped ****** get her Mother and Father in-law(s) out of two separate hospitals in Arizona.  We got the mother out just in time to die at home with her family (her husband had to watch his wife die by video feed) and the father in-law is home and recovered.   Much of this protocol was developed from experiences there and also with the wonderful help of Dr. Bill Lionberger who is both a DC and police officer in Arizona and who is always happy to speak to hospitals or local police to help.  He’s a super good man and has helped many, many people.

Now all this is going to be federalized.  These are the same people who ran the Mustang Ranch in Nevada into bankruptcy.  What could go wrong?  Anyway, FEMA’s coming to a hospital near you.  Don’t go there.  Go to a local clinic or an urgent care location.  Hospitals are no longer safe places.

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