FBI breaking and entering at Mar A Lago – UPDATED

Your Irascible Correspondent has never been not one of those Eeyore Republicans that goes around saying, “Its no use. All is lost.  They’ve got us surrounded.  There will never be another honest election in America.”  Yes, I get discouraged because there are a lot of Eeyore Republicans who, in conformity with the Donk’s plan, have given up on the Republican Party and on America.  Yeah, and there are a lot RINOs who would rather go along to get along so they can get their place at the Taxpayer Dollar Trough (another name for Congress).  I get discouraged because there are so many Americans who are still hooked into the Boob Tube, getting brainwashed by lies and disinformation propaganda.  I am discouraged because those people are beyond help, maybe even when reality drops the Sweet Meteor of Death on their heads they still won’t be able to dredge up a clue.

What did not discourage me is the news that the Gestapo FBI raided President Trump’s home at Mar A Lago.  Having heard that news I am so, so, so very excited!  This is wonderful!  What a gift from Heaven above!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

At this point some of my gentle readers might be excused for thinking that “Ol’ IC has gone ’round the bend at last.  Crackers!  Lost his marbles!”  But no!  I have not!  I am in my right mind (for certain values of right mind, granted).  Yes, I have an unusual mind.  But it is not time to call for the nice young men in the clean white coats to come and take ma away, ha, ha!

The real reason – they’ve got nothing, have to plant some evidence

In this case I asked myself the question, “Why this and why now?”

The “this” is a major escalation in the war of the Deep State, the New Liberal World Order Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party against one Donald J. Trump.  He has had the temerity to thwart their plans of total world domination in which John Q. Taxpayer will have nothing and be happy.  As President Trump has so often said, “They aren’t coming for me, they’re coming for you, I’m just in the way.”

The “why” is because they are terrified.  They have staked everything on accomplishing the UN Agenda 2030 by 2030.  Because the Hilldebeast was dumped off the teeter totter in 2016 these mega maniacal self proclaimed “elites” find that much of their work has been undone by “45” and they find that being behind schedule is a big problem for them.  I don’t know why, but they are clearly trying to make up for lost time, driving their plan forward at a reckless pace.

It is all falling apart for them.  Elections are harder to rig because since 2020 the American public is subjecting them to much more scrutiny.  In many places election law has been tightened up and election loopholes closed.  Most people are no longer afraid of the Big, Bad WuFlu, so no more lockdowns, which means more people will vote at the polls on election day rather than send their ballot in by mail.  The Dems tried to laugh off “2000 Mules” but the public watched and learned.  They tried to substitute the Monkey Pox for Covid, but most people just can’t take that seriously.  Despite the desperate rigging in places like Georgia and Colorado, Trump endorsed candidates are mopping the floor with their RINO opponents.  We just saw big wins in Arizona despite them having stopped the counting AGAIN!  Washington State put a hold on the final counting in their elections too, which was just lifted and the Trump endorsed candidate won.  The January 6 Committee Show Trials have made President Trump more, not less popular.

The Donks expect to get their clocks cleaned in November.  And they are terrified.  The idea of American citizens exercising their civic authority while not under their control has them overflowing their Depends.  The prospect of being out of power with a new crop of populist, MAGA legislators in Congress is keeping them up at night.  What they fear most is President Trump returning to the White House in 2024.  They are going to try all kinds of tricks to stop it.  This raid on the President’s home is just one such trick, there will be more.

It is very likely that false evidence will be planted, which is something the Gestapo FBI has been known to do before now.  It is also very possible that an attempt will be made to arrest President Trump, as commonly happens in banana republics the world over.   It is possible that one of the many assassination attempts will fail and President Trump will be killed.  It is possible that fear of violent reactions by his supporters will provide the pretext for imposing martial law.  It is possible that the situation will be deemed too dangerous to risk the elections in November.  It is possible that even without the 87,000 new Storm Troopers IRS Agents mass arrests of opposition figures will be attempted.  It is possible that the public outcry at any of these will spark a general revolt that they believe can only be contained by calling in United Nations troops (which, as previously reported, are already on American soil).  If that particular balloon goes up, God help them, God help us all.

Terror of what President Trump represents to the Revolutionary Junta and their foreign backers has led them into one strategic blunder after another.  Each of the hypothetical scenarios mentioned above would be another in the series of such blunders as they try to regain control by ever more repressive, and ineffective, measures.  Picture trying to hold an inflated inner tube under water.

I have previously mentioned the possibility that they will provoke the American Right to violence, which the Democrats are trying to foment even now, which would then provide the pretext for initiating the violent failure cascade outlined above.  That would be a really bad thing.  So here’s some unsolicited but good advice.

Keep you guns clean and your ammo handy, but don’t take it to the streets.  Stock up on food and potable water.  Stay away from crowds.  Practice continual situational awareness.  Pray for our beloved Republic.

Hold fast.  Do not be afraid.  In the end we win, they lose.

UPDATE: Here is the letter from Senator Grassley to Merick Garland, Christopher Wray that has kicked this illegal action off; it is only three pages. Read it and you will see why this happened on August 8, 2022. The bottom line: they know they dare not comply as their active participation in High Crimes and Misdemeanors will be proved. Rather than face the music they send in the Gestapo FBI to raid President Trump’s home.  They are DONE and flailing.

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