Europe: barbarians rising

The Farm points out the ongoing collapse of civilization in Europe:

Are these ‘reinforcements’ being sent in to assist BLM, Antifa, and other domestic groups across Europe & the US?

Remember — these are simply being considered “New Years celebrations” across Europe by those conducting this behavior and their tacit supporters.

Give it 2-3 years — or even 5. What will the escalation of this look like? Across Europe? Across the United States?

Are these videos — and others like them — a window into what is in store for the United States with its open borders and unabated immigrated policies? Probably. There had clearly been, as evidenced by the grandiose scale of the ‘Summer of Love’ 2020 BLM riots, a massive bloc already firmly established in the United States that is ready to conduct operations at the drop of a hat. Or — as it so happens, a massively coordinated media & influence campaign as was the case with those particular generated riots.

These groups are simply waiting for a stimulus to trigger specific behaviors. That’s how it works. It is virtually guaranteed to happen again — when the timing becomes favorable enough.

Across Europe though — the situation is notably worse at present. Whether it’s Germany, France, Sweden, or practically any other country across the continent — policies of mass immigration have fundamentally reshaped borders inside of what were once whole countries. When pockets of territory inside of a nation cannot even be reached by ambulance — at that point, they may as well be considered ‘occupied territory.’

And . . .

French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter

The warnings have been ongoing for several years in France.

In Germany, there are ‘youths’ attacking ambulances. Whether these are migrants or German ‘youths’ it ultimately doesn’t matter. The migrants will simply be reinforcements for the German ‘youths’ conducting these types of ‘celebratory operations’ on New Years. And there are many.

As your Irascible Correspondent has previously pointed out, the importation of barbarians who then (UNEXPECTEDLY!) commit acts of barbarism is a planned tactic to achieve a strategic goal, namely the collapse of civil society to “force” the civilian population to call for a strongman to clamp down and set things to rights.  Europe has a long and bloody history of strongmen clamping down, so for them it is kind of expected.  And yes, the Architects of Chaos, the human agents of The Gods of the Copybook Headings, are standing by with their clubs and chains to “Normalize” the situation.
Of a certainty lessons learned from Europe and elsewhere across the globe are being carefully studied by our erstwhile masters, operational plans devised and their Storm Troopers trained and equipped for action.  The George Floyd “Summer of Love” psyop had its immediate goals, but it was a test run for unleashing Hell on us to make us plead for slavery to save us from a Mad Max world.
This can still be short circuited by We the People without resorting to civil war.  The remedy is quite simple.  But as von Clausewitz pointed out, it is very simple, but very difficult.  We the People are going to have to get our heads in the fight, then fight with intelligence, cunning and unrelenting determination.  This one is for all the marbles.
It has taken us a long time to wake up to the fact that we are at war.  But now that we know we have only a short time in which to win it.

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