Eric Early to discuss AB5 and the CA economy Sunday at noon

If the format goes as planned, Eric will discuss AB5 first (independent contractors) with the last half-hour devoted to discussion of a rolling opening of LA.

The below, followed by links, provides detail/background.

Rep. Adam Schiff is neck-deep in it.
Attorney Eric Early
Tomorrow, Sunday
April 26th, 12 noon
Discussion with
CA Senator John Moorlach
(Debating the much-detested clampdown on independent contractors)
Early’s Views: Opening Roll-out in Los Angeles
(Ending the much-detested shuttering of business operations)
Independent contractors and business owners are encouraged to listen and follow directions for call-in.
Background on AB5 and the little-known federal companion bill (HR 2474) can be read at the following links:
Bill’s co-sponsors on June 13, 2020 include Rep. Adam Schiff::

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  1. Dennis says:

    Keep up the good work. Schedule a meeting or BBQ. Need hope we’ll be free to meet.

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