3 Comments on “Election fraud and Dominion machines – don’t trust ANY of the machines

  1. BTW, This deletion of logs in a matter of days requires a change of default setting, according to the Government Requirements Document of the Dominion system itself:
    “For 22-month document retention, the general rule is that all printed copy records produced
    by the election database and ballot processing systems shall be so labeled and archived.
    Regardless of system type, all audit trail information spelled out in Subsection 5.5 shall be
    retained in its original format, whether that be real-time logs generated by the system, or
    manual logs maintained by election personnel. The election audit trail includes not only inprocess logs of election-night and subsequent processing of absentee or provisional ballots,
    but also time logs of baseline ballot definition formats, and system readiness and testing
    [Requirement 2.1.10, Implementation Statement, 10/31/2018, https://www.eac.gov/sites/default/files/voting_system/files/Attachment_A_-_Dominion_D-Suite_5.5-A_Implementation_Statement.pdf%5D

    • …and this is completely separate from the “2,000 Mules” scheme (see the movie!!).
      The “most secure election in history” apparently had some minor issues.
      Great work by Jeffrey O’Donnell as far as identifying that there was illegal activity on these systems, but, by design, the logs and data were deleted and overwritten. That sort of image overlay is what professionals do to prevent reading of deleted data. Not an accident.

      So far, though, Dominion, in collusion with complicit officials, have successfully buried the smoking gun.
      I hope he can reverse-engineer the “fingerprint” he identified and determine the algorithm implanted in the system to force a preferred the result.
      All the best to O’Donnell & Co in finding a way around the deliberate stonewalling and proving the intentional fraud.

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