Dr. Wen Chen speaks on the Chinese Communist Party

On March 25th, 2020 we had scheduled Dr. Wen Chen to speak to us regarding the situation in China.  Most regrettably that meeting was cancelled due to the CCP virus pandemic.  Dr. Chen, however, was interviewed for The Voice of Reason a few days before her scheduled appearance and has graciously made a recording of that interview available to us, her friends at GBRA.  She says, Last night I did a talk show with Mark Reed “The Voice of Reason”. I talked about the coronavirus (Let’s call it the CCP virus – the Chinese Communist Party Virus), its origin, China’s censorship, and Chinese people quitting the Communist Party. Here is the audio of the podcast.”  We are all indebted to Dr. Chen for her consideration in this matter, and especially for the wealth of knowledge and insight she brings to this issue, we are fortunate and grateful that she shares her thoughts with us.

Her introduction and remarks begin at the 14:03 mark.

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  1. Is it not interesting that the corona-virus, which should be called the Wuton Virus,
    is from the same country that makes our
    pills and medicine. It is like doing business
    with our biggest communist enemy that
    poisoned us while having the antidote
    that we must buy from them to live.

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