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  1. Attention Interested Citizens
    Our own Dr. Donald Plance with offices In Tujunga is in urgent need of a legal Defense fund to defend himself for providing convalescent plasma to his patients as an alternative to Pfizer or Moderna jabs. He has been charged with several felonies for this by overzealous LA County District Attorney George Gascon who is mainly out to boost his popularity. A move which in this case is backfiring. Please send contributions to: Office of Dr. Donald Plance, Legal Defense Fund, 7709 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga, CA. 91042.

    Dr. Plance is the most brilliant and most caring Doctor I have ever met in my life. He has completely eliminated the need for me to have knee replacement surgery in both knees. Also after being to countless doctors with no relief, Dr Plance after much research, got to the bottom of a condition that was making me incapacitated with fatigue. He gave me my life back in a very real sense. He always keeps his patients best interest at heart. He charges modest fees because, although some of his patients are very high profile, many of his patients are in less fortunate financial situations. It’s not about the money for Dr. Plance, it’s about caring for his patients. His patients LOVE him and it’s obvious he likewise cares for them. They wait hours to see him. His office is always packed. I am someone who generally transforms into a monster if I have to sit in a waiting room for more than 30 minutes… but I often willingly and pleasantly wait more than an hour to see Dr. Plance, and I have no problem doing so because the visit is ALWAYS worth the wait! Yes, some of his treatments are “outside the box”, but when you’re right about something, you’re right, and Dr. Plance is ALWAYS right. Everyone is in an uproar over “A woman’s right to choose” well what about an American’s right to choose!?! I choose Dr. Plance and whatever protocol he prescribes for me, I know that he truly has my best interest in mind. I have great insurance, UCLA Health with a $5 co-pay but my experience is that if there is a discrepancy between what Dr Plance prescribes and what the Doctors at UCLA Health would suggest for me, I would choose the decision of a genius like Dr. Plance over UCLA Health any time, and have many many times.

    Gascon should be ashamed!

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