Dr. Ivette Lozano & the Wuflu

Dr. Ivette C. Lozano, M.D., of Lozano Medical Clinic in Dallas, Texas, steps up to the mic and lets loose on the establishment’s overreaction to the COVID19 pandemic & the mistreatment of patients at a Texas lock-down protest event.  She is quite passionate, articulate and well informed.  Click on the image or the link to view.  YouTube won’t censor this one.


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5 Comments on “Dr. Ivette Lozano & the Wuflu

  1. The Democrats, in conjunction with China, have unleashed this virus on the USA. They needed to destroy the Trump economy and unemployment numbers. They needed a way to keep dementia riddled Joe Biden under wraps. They needed a way to get their Progressive agenda passed, especially the mail in voting. Since they unleashed the virus on us, I guess it is only fair that they control the narrative on it. They have to have as many deaths (or the appearance of) as possible and people as fearful as possible. God forbid, if the travesty is ended too soon and Trump is able to begin to recover the economy before November. They are in cahoots with with the WHO and Big Pharma. They are no doubt behind the move to ban hydroxychloroquiine because it is cheap and it works. So, we may have a Republican President and the Senate, but the Dems are in charge of this narrative and will continue to be until someone or something stops them.

  2. I ONLY will READ information…. I will almost NEVER look at a VIDEO; especially when I can SIMPLY read about a subject!!!!!
    Let me READ about something; DO NOT send a video instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. After hearing public officials and the main stream media lying, every single they, this is a breath of fresh air, I hope people keep waking up soon.

  4. How many lives could have been saved if we had used this Dallas Doctor’s protocol????? How many would be alive today if they were treated with her protocol?????

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