Criminal inversion

Many people find themselves astounded at the role reversal between citizen and criminal.  Criminals are caught and immediately released, citizens who have committed no crime, or, at most, a minor infraction, are viciously destroyed by the ‘justice’ system.

Consider all the Trump supporters who trustingly went into the People’s House in Washington DC on January 6 of this year.  They have been hunted down and arrested with the most brutally overwhelming force which local law enforcement can muster.



This includes not only arrests, but the punishments leveled against them even before trial has begun.  Is it  really  necessary  to  roll  up  on  a guy’s  house  with  multiple  vehicles  including  an  armored  vehicle  with  a machine gun  on  top?   Is  it  really  necessary  to  hold  people  for weeks  for  entering  a public  building  while  unarmed  and  peaceful?   Somebody  sure  thinks  it  is.At the same time we see violent  extremists rioting in the streets of our cities arrested and almost immediately released.  We see Soros backed Attorneys General enforcing a no bail policy on dangerous criminals, immediately releasing them back into the unsuspecting populace upon which they prey.

This completely reverses the rationale for having a government in the first place, to insure domestic tranquility.  Everybody knows that something is wrong here.  The only people who support these kinds of inversions are the radical leftists, until the criminals come sniffing around them and theirs.  Remember when Mayor Lori Lightfoot cheered BLM on until they got to the street on which she lived?  These policies, and be sure that this is a matter of policy, not of random incompetence, are designed to undercut the social compact that we Americans have with our government.

That is precisely the purpose of these actions, to destroy Americans’ confidence that the rule of law obtains, to generate the uncertainty and fear that makes people easier to control.  Your Irascible Correspondent has previously written of the Gray Terror Soviet Spetnaz troops were trained to inflict on target nations which the Soviets intended to invade.  The purpose was to engage in widespread, random acts of violence, sabotage and assassination so as to paralyze the target’s ability to understand what was going on, smother its ability to respond and create a state of paralysis enabling the Red Army to invade with relatively little opposition.

Evidently having Antifa and BLM rioting, burning, looting and killing as much as they are is not enough.  With Soros backed Attorneys General like George Gascon the left intends to continue and even increase the numbers of violent criminals released, increasing the terror level among the citizenry.

In reading Alexandr Solhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago I was astounded to learn that the Soviets had a two tier justice system, with one track for ordinary criminals and one for Zeks, political prisoners.  The guards indulged the ordinary criminals which preyed upon the Zeks while treating the Zeks with unsparing harshness.  It is clear that the Donks intend to create and exploit just such a two tier system in fallen America.

Ask me how

It is now, before the next election cycle, that Patriots must organize and recall Los Angeles Attorney General George Gascon.  It is clear that Gascon’s policies are intended to advance the Socialist takeover by ramping up the Gray Terror in Los Angeles County by keeping dangerous criminals free to ravage us, the new Zeks, the ordinary Americans, and mercilessly pursuing those Zeks who dare oppose the regime.

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