Covid -19 infection rates grossly exagerated

We have known that there have been errors in reporting the much ballyhooed new cases of the Wuhan Virus supposedly flooding the nation.  A great deal of that is due to the massive testing efforts which now total over 750,000 a day.  Much of this reporting is done without proper context, as it is here in Los Angeles County where we are told the number of cases and the number of deaths, but not much else.  We should be told the number of ongoing hospitalizations for Covid-19 specifically, the number of recoveries and the number of people who test positive for antibodies only.

For stats nationally and by State is quite useful, and you can get up to date statistics with graphs on the situation in California.
I would say don’t get too excited about the last number on the graph, that is for the day that this is being written and the day is still young.  Follow the above link tomorrow to get more accurate info.

Someone famously said that there were three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.  It is now clear that for whatever reason actual numbers have been erroneously reported in many places.

BREAKING REPORT: Health Officials in Numerous States ‘Mistakenly’ Included Positive Results From Antibody Tests When Reporting New COVID-19 Cases to CDC

Florida’s COVID Positivity Rate is Skewed – Countless Labs Are Reporting 100% Positivity Rate – Medical Centers Admit REAL Rate is 9% Or Less!
They’re Lying to You… FLORIDA: Motorcycle Crash Listed as Coronavirus Death (Video)

So why is that such a widespread phenomenon, too wide to be random chance?  There is speculation.


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