China’s hypersonic missile tests

Earlier this year we woke up to the news that China had tested a hypersonic missile.  Here is a short video of what a hypersonic missile is and why it is a problem for its intended targets.

Given that Russia, China and the US have been working on hypersonic missile technology for several years it is not clear why China’s hpersonic  missile test is shocking news.

In fact, it seems that China has conducted many such tests in the recent past.  Maybe its because China has shown it has a semi-functional weapon (it missed its intended target by over 20 miles) that will be improved upon in time.  Maybe its because we strongly suspect that the missile contains American technology stolen through their extensive and very capable espionage network.   So why haven’t we heard anything about it till now?  After all, we’ve known for some time that China’s saber rattling has been ramping up since President Trump left office.  We know that they want Taiwan, and we know that they can’t hope to take Taiwan if they are opposed by the US Navy in the Taiwan Straights.  Short range (250 miles or so) would be devastating to any naval defense of the Island.

Your Irascible Correspondent does not believe that the CCP is as certain of their control of the Revolutionary Junta in DC as they would like, or that there are authorities inside the US chain of command outside the Biden Puppet Regime’s control.  It is also possible that the Navy, despite being the gang that couldn’t sail straight, has developed an effective counter to these hypersonic weapons.  Finally, I doubt that the CCP wants to participate in an actual shooting war over Taiwan.  Even if the US Navy bowed out of the fight, they would only conquer what would be a pile of rubble by the time they got through taking the place.  The CCP would much rather intimidate Taiwan and its allies into surrender, decapitate the leadership and occupy a functioning economic powerhouse with a demoralized, subservient population.

Elections have consequences, and that goes ten fold for rigged elections.  Forensic audits all around, say I.

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