Candidate Spotlight: Greg Krikorian for Glendale City Clerk

Greg Krikorian:

We must elect Greg Krikorian as our next Glendale City Clerk to make sure City Hall maintains integrity and transparency. Whoever wins this election for Glendale City Clerk will be in charge of the General Election in November –  we must ensure we elect a Republican to that office.

Greg’s opponent is a woke radical progressive Democrat. We cannot let her win this election and control the Clerk’s office. 

Greg Krikorian has dedicated his life to the City of Glendale and has been the voice of reason on the Glendale School Board for 21 years.

Greg Krikorian Will:

  • Bring sensible & efficient organizational structure to the Clerk’s office
  • Ensure transparency at City Hall
  • Empower voter participation
  • Modernize the city’s record keeping
  • Increase access to City Hall
Greg Krikorian’s Endorsements Include:
  • Los Angeles County Republican Party
  • Glendale Police Officers Association
  • Glendale Firefighters Association
  • Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly
  • Former Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich
  • Armenian Republican Association
If you stay home, radical progressives will take control of Glendale City Hall, and we cannot sit by and let that happen. Make sure to vote for Republican candidate Greg Krikorian for election to Glendale City Clerk by June 7th.

Important Election Dates:

Voter Registration Deadline: May 23
Polls Open in Glendale: May 28
Election Day: June 7

Every registered voter has received a mail in ballot for the upcoming election. Please return your ballot or vote at the polls by June 7th.

Click Here to Find Your Local Polling Place!
The 43rd Assembly District Central Committee
 of the Los Angeles County Republican Party:
While there are many great local Republican organizations that work to elect and re-elect Republican candidates to local offices, the 43rd Assembly District Central Committee is the official Republican Party Organization in the area, under the umbrella of the full Los Angeles County Republican Party, which in turn falls under the umbrella of the California Republican Party. By working with candidates, community organizations, and community members like yourself – we will make a change.

In the words of California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson: “Soon enough, Glendale will be a Republican stronghold, and I can’t wait to see it.”

Upcoming Committee Events:

On June 27, California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson is going to be joining us to speak about flipping contested Congressional seats across California! RSVP below to join us.
Click Here to RSVP!

David Ter-Petrosyan
43rd Assembly District Central Committee
Los Angeles County Republican Party

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