Reminder: California Republican Assembly Gubernatorial Nominating Convention Saturday August 14

Larry Elder is not getting CAGOP’s endorsement in spite of leading the pack!
Why? Because California GOP (CA GOP) at the request of the National Republican Committee (NRC) voted to not endorse any Republican candidate in the Recall Election!
Are you kidding me?
With a clear front runner in Larry Elder, the establishment is not endorsing a leading Republican candidate? (Maybe because they already gave Faulconer the nod?) Déjà vu ? Swamp v Elder? Never Elders?
GBRA, we cannot let this happen to California!
If we do not have our full 19- Delegates seated for CRA’s vote at the Endorsing Convention, Larry will lose the endorsement of the next biggest Republican organization in California.
Endorsements bring campaign money and big donors; money is the name of the game.  A candidate will not win without money for the campaign, expensive television and radio advertising, billboards and saturating the entire state with the candidates name and face!
Larry needs GBRA’s vote more than ever. And I need you to volunteer to be a voting Delegate
at the California Republican Assemblies One-Day Endorsing Convention in Valencia, August
14th, 2021.  That’s next weekend!!
I am begging you to help me out!
The Larry Elder supporters at CRA are counting on GBRA, and I promised to deliver the Delegates.  As the largest club in CRA, having the largest number of voting Delegates, we are expected to carry the vote for Larry. But that will not happen without our full 19 Delegates at the convention.
The Sacramento area clubs are pushing Kevin Kylie; the Southern CA clubs and CAGOP are pushing Kevin Faulconer; both are weak candidates.  Larry is a strong candidate, a winner!
And we are the change maker, the other clubs will not have enough votes to cancel out our 19 votes.
IF I can get 10 more Delegates to sign up for the convention.
$60 for Registration and Continental Style Breakfast; Full lunch; All day beverage service. If you are willing to do this, give up one day for our beautiful California, call me asap: 626-823-4679 Lois Lee Billings, GBRA President.
Per CRA bylaws, you must reside within our GBRA boundaries: Glendale, Burbank, La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, a small strip of West Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Las Feliz and South Glendale/Los Angeles; and have been a paid member since July 14th, 2021.
Important to check with me ASAP. Larry is our last hope to save our drowning state.
Please Call me to confirm! ASAP we are running out of time. The convention is August 14th.
626-823-4679 Lois Lee Billings, President
LOIS LEE 626-823-4679
Go here to register. Copy and paste link in your browser or click directly on the link:
For car pooling call LOIS LEE 626-823-4679

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