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Promotional Video Underway!! Volunteers Needed!

Hey Everyone!
First, sorry for the radio silence. The last few weeks before school ends is always crazy for us parents. But we are still going strong and getting excited for what is to come! Here is what we are working on…!

1. Promotional Video for our PAC to be filmed this summer!
2. June 7th Primaries!!
3. Coaching and Encouraging Potential Candidates for BUSD Election this fall!
4. Planning a Back-to-School End-of-Summer BBQ Bash!

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1. Promotional Video!

We are currently writing and planning out a promotional video about the message of our PAC. We already have the idea we want to get across – GET OUT AND VOTE! This will be used for our website (www.diversityvoterpac.org) as well as for YOU to share on social media. Our hope is that this will increase voter turnout as well as donations towards our $50k goal by fall. Special thank you to Phillip at One Way Pictures for his generosity and help!!

Are you an actor or writer? Let us know!

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2. June 7th Primaries!! – GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

Our PAC cannot officially endorse or oppose any particular candidate, but we can send along some helpful voter guides to help you and your family VOTE FOR EVERYTHING!! Please, do not leave a single bubble unfiled!

Here are some helpful voter guides:

Stand for Health Freedom Voter Guide: https://standforhealthfreedom.com/vhf/ca-voterguide/
Glendale/Burbank Republican Assembly Voter Guide: https://gbraclub.org/updated-voter-guide


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3. Identifying Candidates for BUSD Elections this fall!

Can YOU be a hero for our children by running for BUSD School Board???

We have interest and commitment!! The deadline for potential candidates and their nomination signatures is July 15th! THERE IS STILL TIME!! YOU CAN RUN!!

To be eligible, you must:
2. Be 18 or older
3. Not be a felon or have a criminal record

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4. Back to School BBQ Bash!! – PAC Fundraiser!!

In late July/ Early August we will be having a family fun day BBQ to benefit the PAC as we head into the fall election season!

If you have a home with a backyard that we can use for hosting – please contact us at burbankparents@protonmail.com!

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I hope every parent is surviving the final push for the end of school. Everyone hang in there!!

PAC President

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