Brandon to give prime time explanation of the soul of America to Americans. What could go wrong?

Neo brings us the story: (h/t Sarah A. Hoyt)

Our spiritual guide President Biden has planned a homily:

President Joe Biden will travel to Philadelphia on Thursday to “deliver a primetime speech on the continued battle for the Soul of the Nation,” according to a White House statement Monday.

“Soul of the Nation” is a phrase he has used in the past to describe the fight for democracy in the face of what he’s labeled as “extreme” opponents.

How very healing of him. How very unifying.

One of many many things that puzzles me is how anyone could have thought during the 2020 campaign that Joe Biden was a unifier. He called himself that, but his entire life’s work belied it, as well as his personality.

And here’s a nicely Orwellian and ironic touch:

Biden’s speech Thursday will take place outside Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was debated and approved and, later, the U.S. Constitution was written.

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