Brandon Maladministration promoting immigration (invasion) to the U.S. in Latin American media

If you don’t like the electorate you’ve got, get one you do like.

Your Irascible Correspondent has been under the impression that the invasion sweeping across our borders has been solely the response of migrating populations to the incentives offered by the promise of the American Dream.  I am angry at the Let’s Go Brandon Maladministration for facilitating the flow by yanking the cork out of the the border then moving the invaders across the U.S.  But there is more to it.  This migration wave has been heavily promoted in Latin American media, and probably through out the world.

American war correspondent, published author, and motivational speaker Chuck Holton is down in Panama in Panama City and the Darien Gap with Michael Yon and sends this report:

Lots of Venezuelans we met today say they decided to go to the US now because the news was telling them Venezuelans could get TPS [Temporary Protected Status] and the door was essentially wide open. But before they could make it, they were turned around by border authorities (either in Mexico or some other country) and told there is a quota of 30K and it has been filled. Many of the Venezuelans are now stuck – they can’t walk back the way they came through the Darien [Gap], and can’t continue forward. They are largely relegated to begging and busking to survive. All we talked to said if they knew then what they know now, they would not have come at all. Most have already been living in a third country (Peru and Colombia are favorites) for some years (3 or more) and surviving fine but were convinced by the rhetoric of the Biden admin that this was their chance. They are pretty disillusioned.

This family had been living okay in Colombia. Father is a construction worker and musician, now he makes about $20-25 a day playing his old trumpet. The family rented a room about 45 minutes away, and pays $235 a month for it. They don’t know what they will do. They wish they had stayed in Colombia. they walked six days through the jungle with their four children. Their youngest is four years old. There were many dead bodies and those in front of them were robbed, but thankfully they were not.

It has been a very wet “dry season” in Panama this year, which is undoubtedly causing additional hardship for those coming through the Darien now. Panama is reportedly rounding up Venezuelans to send them back home. Am trying to confirm this.

I (Michael Yon) cannot vouch for specifics in this graph. It looks accurate in my experience here. Am with Chuck Holton and Matt Bracken in Panama now.

As the son of an American Foreign Service Officer your Irascible Correspondent was raised in Brazil and Mexico.  I have seen first hand the poverty despair of the third wold.  I fully understand their desire to escape their situations and come to America, the land of hope and glory.  But being sympathetic to their plight does not make me blind to the problems they pose to America, nor willing to to admit any but legal immigrants.  My father was a visa officer, I remember my Mom dropping him off at work before taking us to school and seeing the lines wrapped around the block of hopeful people trying to better their situation by legally immigrating to the U.S.  I also know that his job was to filter that flow and grant access to only the best that would hopefully eventually become model U.S. citizens.

That was in the days of E Pluribus Unum assimilation policies.  Come to America become and American in heart and soul or go back where you came from.

I also know the kind of wickedness and corruption that would love to get a chance to grow and thrive here.  Which is why, despite my sympathy for these people, I say, “Build the wall and line it with fully armed dyspeptic Marines.with orders to shoot to kill.”  Better that they be shot at the border than they be shot by the police, or by an armed citizen, when they get up to their old tricks, or, God help us, they extort, rob or kill somebody here.

The Commie Coupsters across the country are executing a Cloward Piven operation with these open border policies: create a crisis that forces the system to collapse, encourage public outcry demanding a strong dictatorial hand to save us.   Democrats deny that any such thing is happening while blatantly using every means at their disposal to exacerbate the situation.

Monkey Werx, an Air Force veteran and intelligence expert, explains in one of this week’s updates as presented by Michael Yon:  As you can see the Revolutionary Junta is spreading these invaders all over the country without any proper controls as to who they are, where they go or what they do afterwards.  Sure, they make them promise to show up for a court hearing, which the vast majority just blow off and simply disappear into the many local ethnic enclaves which dot our land.  The supposition is that they cannot then be found by the beleaguered government agencies charged with keeping tabs on them.  Meanwhile the IRS will track any of us to the ends of the earth and nail us to the wall if they think we owe them money.

I call BS.  Not only can these people be tracked, they are being tracked, first by the coyotes to whom they owe money for “immigration services”, and by the Democrat Party’s Soros funded Communist auxiliaries who are even now organizing and training them as a 5th column.  Can I prove that?  Not yet.  But it fits the pattern.

This is war levied upon under cover of false compassion; anyone who says otherwise is lying.  They tell us that we are racist if we don’t like what they are doing.  Basically that boils down to “Shut Up or we’ll call you names until we make you cry.”  Conservatives typically fold at this point because they fear not being thought well of.  This is psychological warfare, manipulating people with half truths.

Until such time as Patriots can grow enough of a spine to resist the manipulation, call out the lie and live in the truth this county doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell.  Recognize when you are being manipulated and don’t cave.  “Resist the devil and he will flee,” says the Good Book.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen makes this good distinction: we must be tolerant of persons, we must never be tolerant of bad ideas; I add, or of bad behavior.  When they come at you with these lies, call them out, “That’s not true, the fact is . . .”  Even if you can’t articulate it very well, do not accept the lie – even tacitly by silence – do not yield to evil, and lies are evil.  Stand firm in your faith and you will vanquish Hell itself.


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