Biden Admin’s falling down, falling down, falling down

The Beijing Biden puppet maladministration is collapsing.  Inflation, shortages, foreign policy disasters, vaxx mandates, Marxist indoctrination in the schools, more calls for forensic audits, alarums about domestic terrorists, it is all blowing up in their faces.  Try as they might to keep things pieced together, what can’t work simply won’t work, no matter how try.  Out of airspeed, out of altitude and out of ideas there can be only one result.

The American people can see it coming, and they don’t like it.

It would be comical except that when this goat rodeo of arrogance, ignorance and stupidity finally hits bottom none of us are going to be able to escape the shock of the crash.  No matter how well insulated, how well fortified, how well prepped or how far and fast any of us run, the effects are going to hurt like a son of a gun.

And I do mean everybody, including those who thought themselves so clever as they arranged the death of America.

Communist China which has infiltrated and subverted the government, the media, the entertainment industry, education, banking, commerce, medical, at every conceivable level, declared victory in their decades long war against the United States in 2020.  They were so clever, so smart, enlisting with the Party of Davos and the American Deep State while pretending to serve their interests.

The Global elites, scheming to create a controlled world in which no one would own anything and yet be happy advancing their power and wealth in a “sustainable” world, with tentacles deep in government, the media, the entertainment industry, education, finance and commerce.  They imagine themselves so moral, so intelligent, so entitled, enlisting the Chicoms and the American Deep State while pretending to serve their interests.

The Deep State, plotting absolute control of the American Taxpayer, and access to the infinite supply of tax dollars that could be extracted from them, using legislation and regulation to manage the government itself, the media, the entertainment industry, education, finance and commerce for perpetual control and never ending wealth.  So cunning, so superior, so self righteous, so cunning, allying themselves with America’s enemies to bring the Deplorables into submission, pretending to serve the interests of all the while taking money from them all.

All three working together against We the People, each pretending to be duped by the others, confident that their own cruel perfidy is going unnoticed, just waiting for the right moment to slip the others the fatal dagger.  Each using each, expecting to be victorious over the others.

Now the facade is cracking, and America, the designated patsy, is getting a good look at what’s behind the mask.  Once again America’s foes have overestimated themselves and underestimated the American people.  They assure themselves that America is now bound and helpless.  We are  no such thing.

Yes, the crash they have engineered is coming, that is inevitable.  But it turns out that the collapse of America necessarily entails the collapse of the Deep State, the destruction of the Party of Davos and the dissolution of the dream of world dominance harbored by foreign powers.  Chastened and wounded, America will not be held down but will rise triumphant, to heal and advance to heights of glory unimagined.

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