War on America: Baited Ambush by Michael Yon

Courtesy of American Digest.  Let it be known that Michael Yon, a former Green Beret, is an American war correspondent who has traveled all over the world investigating and reporting on violent armed conflicts both large and small.  For some time now he has been in Panama reporting on the tens of thousands of people from all over the world making their way through the Darien Gap (the good, the bad and the ugly).

18 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

If you are a Cop or Combat Soldier you know about a baited ambush. Pashtun love to fight and they are good at baited ambush and a lot more.

Baited ambush is one of the endless fighting techniques. US military also makes common use of baited ambush. Amazingly, though we all know the moves, the moves often still work. Like a chokehold. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

Never underestimate your enemy, and never be frozen by fear. When in doubt, attack. When confused, attack. When defending, attack. When outgunned and you have means of escape, run like hell. When you sense ambush, leave the kill zone at once unless the enemy is close — when close, attack.

Our enemies are sowing confusion and tossing chaff.

Notice the UFO squirrel. We’ve had generations and yet they wheel it out now.

The Buffalo shooting is not sticking. We sense another trap. They never stop lying. We ain’t buying their bullshit so they whip out UFO — and Fox runs with UFO. What is Fox up to? If they don’t produce little green things, they are either fooled, fooling, or both.

Authoritarians just ripped the heart out of much of the world with the manufactured pandemic.

Then poison jabs.

And a baited US-Russia war in Ukraine.

Now comes epic energy and food catastrophe set to greatly reduce the world population. All while invading our borders and creating hate crimes around the country principally by fatherless blacks on blacks, and on everyone, and blamed on white folks.

Most of this is a product of the Democrat Party since before the Civil War, and then with their Ku Klux Klan, and on and on and on, targeting and ripping apart black families so they never can get a hold. Democrats have been fixated on controlling blacks since the beginning.

Democrats are responsible for aborting millions of babies in their Democrat eugenics.

Democrats baited the Mexicans and Japanese into wars, and now Russia.

Not that Mexico or Russia were innocent babes that needed much provocation, but the Japanese required severe provocation, and yet even today most Americans seem to think we were just sipping iced tea when Japanese Zeros started rolling in on our fleet. That was all heavily provoked and baited. Japan was backed into a corner. We and our allies cut Japan’s oil, rubber, tin, and more. Japanese were desperate and trying to negotiate. Finally, backed into a corner, Japan attacked.

The dirty warmongering Democrats did similar on 06 January and stole an election. And constantly provoke white folk now to make some bold move that Democrats can use to unleash hell inside America as they have done with Mexico, Japan, Ukraine, and beyond.

Democrats continue to trot out their bait. Such as Dementia-Joe, and Harris the bar-tramp. Now their diversion is some black-gay-something to replace dodo-Psako as the new spokes thing — diversion — which of course Fox chases and diverts from the more serious problems.

Biden is not President. We all see.

And he didn’t win those votes.

Separately, at least millions of Biden’s Twitter followers apparently is just Twitter making up air. Twitter is so fake that their board and leadership all shit plastic turds. Parag Agrawal is so fake she does not even need toilet paper. She just throws her plastic turds out with the recycling.

All this UFO stuff is a diversion from the actual ambush unfolding. Why now? This is a multi-dimensional fight. War is not 4d, but more like 1,000d. This all is as easy as 3x 1.

But there are a few simple combat rules that can help in most situations.

Such as:


We are at war.

He doesn’t mean that metaphorically.

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