Assume the position, America

Having just made the text of the $1,2000,000,000,000 “Infrastructure” spending bill available the previous evening, Nancy Pelosi jammed through a vote on it last night.  Thirteen Republican In Name Only traitors voted with Pelosi and the Demoncrats to pass it by 228-206.  Now it goes to the Puppet in Chief to be signed into law.  The Gateway Pundit has the list of the traitors, in the event you want to have UPS deliver a slaughtered chicken with the full Voodoo curse to each of their doorsteps.

Despite being heralded by the media and swamp creatures alike as strictly an ‘infrastructure’ bill, the spending plan includes thousands of pages of insane progressive policies that will have a crippling and disastrous effect on everyday Americans for decades to come.

Only a fraction of the entire bill is going to be used on infrastructures like roads and bridges. Instead, the package is essentially a trojan horse of leftist anti-American radicalism. It is being used as an all-encompassing excuse to cram through the left’s Marxist ideology that has failed to gain any significant traction with the American public.

Billions of dollars will also go to Marxist pet projects to fight so-called climate change.

Now with this first poison pill officially becoming law, Democrats can turn their full attention to Biden’s other, even more terrifying, $1.75 trillion social spending reconciliation package.

Republicans in the senate must hold the line to prevent this next package from going through, but with their track record, things aren’t looking too promising for everyday Americans.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Not that there weren’t honest Republicans attempting to put a stop to it.

Elections, we are fond of saying, have consequences.  Rigged elections have catastrophes.  It is a perfect trifecta, they aim to kill us with the vaxx, steal all we have and reduce our descendants to slavery with Marxist indoctrination in the schools.  Walt Whitman had it right.

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