As California goes over the cliff CAGOP asleep at the wheel

The Right On Daily Blog points out the obvious:

Steve Frank Was Right – Look at the Voter Registration Numbers. They PROVE the CAGOP is Trying to Lose

The CAGOP is not doing ANY voter registration. For example, instead of spending money on Voter Registration, their leaders are busy sending idiotic mail into SD04 watching it go into a Dem vs Dem runoff.

Many of us in opposition to the current “Leadership” of the CAGOP have been screaming for Years about voter Registration. Read the numbers and weep:


















In particular, look at all the Blue States where the GOP is gaining. Only Colorado and California have gone in reverse. The CAGOP leadership should be purged over this. In case you are wondering about Colorado, it is the #1 state for leftists to move to.

When Dark Blue States like New York with a 223,000 gain, and when others like Oregon and New Jersey are showing registration gains, this is proof that the CAGOP Leadership are trying to lose. They all need to be fired.

From the comments:
Charlie says:
Jul 5, 2022 at 9:13 am
Yet Ms. Patterson has set herself up at the last convention for a 3rd term by getting the CRP bylaws set aside this next February. And as long as they, the Bakersfield Bunch, own those corrupt proxies, she will get re-elected.

Carla says:
Jul 5, 2022 at 9:46 am
For decades, the CAGOP has repeatedly delivered California to Democrats on a silver platter. Our only hope for a Republican Party in California was Stephen Frank instead of RINO and never-Trumper Patterson.

There is no quick fix for this.  It will take months and years of work even outside of campaign season to build the Party at the local level.  For this there is no greater resource than Rachel Gunther’s Patriot Precinct Project.  The GOP needs to be taken over from the bottom up as the people at the top are batting for the other side.

2 Comments on “As California goes over the cliff CAGOP asleep at the wheel

  1. Sadly even Ronald Reagan had RINO tendencies. At least when it came to the Second Amendment. After all, he signed the Mulford Act which was introduced by Assemblyman Dan Mulford – R.

    RINOism is deeply rooted.

  2. I’m a native Californian, but I couldn’t take the political climate anymore. I had to leave. I tried for many years to push back when I was younger. The root of the problem is, that we always buy the con. We always seem to believe all the song and dance stories we get told. It’s been our doom to think that just because a person has an
    “R” by their name they must share our values, well it just isn’t that way! We haven’t had a decent governor since Ronald Reagan. Republican or Democrat, it really doesn’t matter if they don’t believe in American values or the rule of law. As a country, we’re confused as to what constitutes freedom. There is no consensus regarding our core operating values – integrity, trust, hard work, and mutual respect. All of our basic premises of how to run this country are found in the Constitution. It’s not that complicated!

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