Anything you say will be used against you

Subject: Special Screening NO Safe Spaces

NO SAFE SPACES is coming to Burbank AMC 16 on the weekend of November 15th.

Would you please help by contacting your group and asking them to support the film? It’s important we have an excellent weekend so that we can get this in more theaters and therefore getting those who really need to see this film see it!

The film opens on Friday, November 15th in Burbank. We need to sell as many tickets as we can that weekend. Folks can purchase them in blocks of 50, 100 or 150 at $15 per. Jackie Papier ( is the person to connect to anyone that wants to buy in blocks. Jackie can help coordinate ticket purchases.

We are targeting Saturday afternoon/early evening the 16th as Adam Carolla will be there for both afternoon and evening shows to introduce the film, take questions and pictures. Tickets are normally $20 but we got discount for $15.00

Here’s a link to our website:

Hope to see you there and let me know if you can get your groups there!




p.s. If anyone you speak to would rather donate the money for blocks of tickets, we can connect them with the 501c3 who is handling that on our behalf.

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