4 Comments on “Announcement: Tin Horn Flats protest

  1. Keep it up…!
    No one has the right to impose mandates on any one. The USA is a free Country and free we must stand.

  2. It should be obvious by this time that masks, lockdowns, distancing, closures, etc. have had NO EFFECT on the virus.
    It is time to reverse course and stop lockdowns.

  3. Does the City of Burbank have nothing better to do with all that EXTRA TAX MONEY they are extorting from us that persecute the little guy trying to eek out a living? They wouldn’t need all that tax money if they had been fiscally responsible in the first place and not retired so many employees early with full benefits, as a cost cutting measure! Morons! We should VOTE OUT this ridiculous city council and replace it with conservative business people!

  4. How can a city or city council LEGALLY shut off power to a business for an unlawful mandate?
    Mandates are not Laws.
    Laws must be passed by the state legislature and handed down to local municipalities.
    Mask mandates are NOT laws.
    Thank goodness every time I try to go to Tin Horn flats, there is a line around the building to get in.
    When this is all over, the owner needs to sue the City of Burbank and Governor Newsom.
    The Best is yet to Come.

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