And just like that the pandemic was over

Just last week anyone suggesting such a thing would have been considered a dangerous science denier and relegated to the Cancel Gulag.   Does this mean that life will return to normal?  Your Irascible Correspondence tends to think so – until after the November mid-terms.

America’s enemies realize that the WuFlu ploy has failed.  They can no longer maintain a believable narrative, to attempt it would only expose their wicked lies the more.  At this point the best they can hope for is stabilize the situation until their new IRS army has been recruited and trained.  Deploying that army doesn’t depend on the current crop of Demoncrats and RINOs but on the vast network of State and Federal apparatchiks that run the government.

We’ll have to see how well that network stands up to they hell their Fearless Leaders have unleashed upon the country.

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