Adam Schiff running in fear of Trump Republican Eric Early

Rep Adam Schiff is running attack ads in Los Angeles against his Republican opponent, Eric Early,  and if you didn’t know better you would swear it was an advertisement in favor of his opponent. Schiff attacks Early as a Trump supporter, and then adds the tag line, “Do we really need another Trump in Washington”.

Well, the answer is a resounding “yes” of course.

We could use 435 Trump Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Schiff raises Eric Early’s profile with a commercial spot

But the astounding thing is that Adam Schiff is running this commercial at all. In doing so he is making clear that he feels threatened by Early’s well-financed run. He feels vulnerable in the clear perception that he was off in Washington trying to be the new Joe McCarthy with the Russia Hoax. In the process, he forgot about his district.

After three years of the Russia Hoax, the Mueller Inquisition, and the Impeachment farce, it is clear that Schiff has no credibility with the American public. He was a willing co-conspirator with the coup plotters who sought to sabotage and destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. That is the indelible stain he carries on his face.

Then there is Schiff’s relationship with meth killer Ed Buck

Not to mention Adam Schiff had a close relationship with high dollar Democrat donor and accused meth-killer Ed Buck. Buck is currently being held on two counts of murder for repeatedly injecting homeless black men with meth and having sex with them.

Two of them died after they overdosed at Bucks apartment. Schiff had attended numerous social occasions and costume parties at Buck’s home. Buck had been a frequent donor to Schiff, as well as Ted Lieu, Hillary Clinton, and numerous Democrat causes. (Clinton’s sex problem: The Epstein, Buck, Weinstein NXIVM sex scandals)

Giving Eric Early name recognition throughout the district

The Schiff commercial gives Early more name recognition in the district than he has had in the entire race. If there are Trump voters in Schiff’s district, they will love the commercial. It ties Early directly to Trump as if that was a bad thing. He uses really excellent footage of Early saying things Trump voters will love.

The Schiff commercial airs repeatedly on cable news. I have yet to see an Early TV commercial spot with such frequency.  Adam Schiff is actually doing Eric Early’s job for him, at this moment. It’s a monumental blunder on Schiff’s part.

Except that it signals that Schiff may actually be running scared. Where he misses the point is that the only hope Eric Early has is in motivating the Trump voters of his district to come out and vote. The Schiff advertisement does that.

Eric Early is more of a contender than Schiff wants us to think

Schiff is raising Early’s profile and making him look like more of a contender than he was actually seen as. That is news. Because Schiff shouldn’t be looking over his shoulder. He won his last two elections with 78% of the vote. His district stretches from West Hollywood through Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena.

But Californians are sick of the COVID 19 lockdowns. The high handed tactics of Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom. The inability of school districts to open. The loss of the restaurant and film business. The nationwide riots and social tension. The BLM protests that saw business districts from Melrose Ave to Studio City to Sherman Oaks boarding up their businesses.

Schiff himself has made his national profile far more important than his district. He is the face of the partisan witch hunt. He could not be a bigger and more juicy target for Trump supporters. His district has a large conservative Armenian population. (Adam Schiff and the magically wonderful world of impeachment)

Early is extremely well-financed and is attempting to take advantage of that.

The Russia Hoax, Mueller Inquisition, and Impeachment Farce

It is hard to underestimate the damage Schiff has dome to this country with his McCarthyite vendetta against the President. His unhinged antics throughout the impeachment farce amount to criminal misconduct.

Remember this is the man who leaked classified information. Spied on the phone records of fellow congressmen. Abused his authority on the intelligence committee. Worked hand in glove with Alexander Vindman and Eric Ciaramella to stage the impeachment farce.

If Trump is re-elected and Republicans take control of the House, it is highly likely that Schiff will be censored. He should be expelled and indicted.

Coup plotter Adam Schiff needs to be held accountable

Schiff was instrumental in working with his co-conspirators to overthrow the President of the United States with a McCarthyite campaign of calculated leaks and lies. He is unrepentant. He is part and parcel of the deep state coup against Trump. (Schiff, Pelosi, and lawless Democrats may get the Civil War they want)

To his district and to most of the nation Schiff is very much of a joke. A symbol of the problem in Washington. Not the solution. Maybe Schiff is getting that feeling himself. It’s remarkable he can look in the mirror. Without it cracking.

Adam Schiff is worried about Eric Early

Trump Republicans just won back the Katie Hill Congressional seat in a special election this summer. The Republican candidate ballot harvested far more ballots than his Democrat opponent. Early is in a position to do the same to Schiff. Californians are angry, and there are more Trump supporters here than people think.

The fact that Schiff is running so many ads raising the profile of his opponent means that they see something happening. They actually see Early as a threat. How they have chosen to answer that threat is highly questionable.  Now the whole district knows there is a significant challenger. And that challenger is an eager Trump supporter.

The Adam Schiff commercial against Eric Early is the best Eric Early commercial I’ve seen.

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