Soros: No more equality before the law

NEW YORK CITY– Tiffany Harris allegedly assaulted three Orthodox Jewish women, hitting them in the face on Friday, and yelling “F–k you, Jews.”  She was arrested.

Despite the fact that she admitted the crime, had an open harassment and assault charge, as well as a criminal mischief conviction, she was let go without bail.

That’s thanks to New York City’s “bail reform” legislation that requires arraignment judges to set free suspects in non-sexual attacks that don’t cause physical injury — even in hate-crime assaults.

Ms. Harris’ release is part and parcel of a movement to redefine justice and the meaning of law.  Up to this point American’s have had a very high respect for the law as law and its enforcement are integral to the functioning of a Republic.  Republics are not ruled by the whim of a king or the passion of mobs, but by strict and evenhanded operations of law.  Absent enforcement law becomes a meaningless abstraction, its function as a guide to public and private behavior vanishes and the people are left to manage the ensuing chaos as best they are able.

Police and the courts then become not servants of the people but their oppressors.  Ordinary folk depend on the police to protect their security by at a minimum discouraging violence against them by threatening the violent with punishments.  When the hooligans realize that they will not be held accountable for their acts they prey on the ordinary citizen more boldly.  Police then become the tools of those who pay them to look the other way, and become themselves just another gang despoiling the common man or enforcers for powerful, moneyed special interest groups.

Nor is it a question of simply granting limitless clemency to law breakers, but a tool of oppression for changing the fabric of society according to the desires of interests pushing their agendas on the public.

AMES, Iowa (Washington Examiner) — An Iowa man was sentenced to serve 16 years behind bars after he tore down a rainbow flag symbolizing gay pride from the front of a church and burned it.

Adolfo Martinez, 30, was found guilty of a felony hate crime and third-degree harassment after he tore down the pride flag displayed in front of the United Church of Christ in Ames, Iowa. Martinez ripped down the flag and walked it over to Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, where police say he was a regular.

Interestingly, tearing down and burning Old Glory is not a crime at all, rather a protected expression of free speech, but tearing down and burning a rainbow flag celebrating homosexuality is a hate crime and a felony.  The message is glaringly clear, thou shalt not disapprove of the gays – or else.  The same principle applies to so-called sanctuary cities where a certain class of privileged people, undocumented invaders, are above the law.  George Orwell summed it up nicely in his novel Animal Farm: “Some animals are more equal than others.”

At the same time that President Trump is appointing Constitutionalist judges to Federal courts all over the land George “Darth” Soros has embarked on program to undercut the rule of law by generously funding District Attorney races.  The Epoch Times carries the story (Note; The story is behind a pay wall, parts of it are reproduced beloow:

The president of an association representing nearly 1,000 deputy district attorneys (DA) in Los Angeles has raised concerns about an ongoing effort by special interest groups, predominately funded by liberal megadonor George Soros, to influence the outcome of local district attorney races.

Michele Hanisee, the president of the Deputy District Attorneys Association of Los Angeles County (ADDA), says these special interest groups are seeking to circumvent the entire democratic process by electing DA candidates who have vowed to not enforce categories of crime—many who are known as progressive prosecutors—in their effort to “radically reshape the criminal justice system.”

Hanisee says these groups, which are operating across the country, spend large amounts of money usually in the final months before a primary or general election to boost their preferred candidate. The groups are usually super political action committees (PACs) that take on some form of the moniker “Justice & Public Safety.”

“The concern with the philosophy of it is that by backing candidates to promise not to enforce the law, they can bypass the entire democratic system of legislation,” she added. “So instead of lobbying to change the law, they just buy an elected official into office who won’t uphold the law. And that’s not democracy.”

She said that traditionally, district attorneys are elected based on their job experience, experience as an administrator, experience in law enforcement, and their record in the community. But she said now elections are suddenly based on promises such as “not on how to enforce the law, but simply not to enforce the law,” she said.

Hanisee is currently watching the upcoming Los Angeles County DA race closely and is wary about challenger George Gascon, who is known for his progressive criminal reform agenda from his time as San Francisco’s District Attorney.

Gascon announced his bid in L.A. county in October challenging incumbent Jackie Lacey. He has promised a range of policies to remake the criminal justice system, like bail reform.

Hanisee, who expressed support for Lacey, has raised concerns about Gascon’s proposed policies, citing his San Francisco record.

Hanisee said she also thinks that many of the district attorneys who were voted in based on their progressive agendas are actually not progressive.

“They’re radicals who want to make radical changes at the cost of public safety,” she said. “What the public really needs and what they deserve [is] our candidates and elected official to make thoughtful, cautious, measured change in collaboration with all stakeholders, because that’s far more likely to be effective without endangering public safety.”

The Justice Department and some prosecutors have also warned about the risks of electing progressive prosecutors.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr reprehended the movement in a speech to the Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police in August, saying that these district attorneys “style themselves as ‘social justice’ reformers” and “spend their time undercutting the police, letting criminals off the hook, and refusing to enforce the law.”

Whitney Tymas, who is listed as the treasurer of many of Soros-funded PACs across the country, said in a statement to The Washington Post in June that “Justice & Public Safety supports candidates with the experience and commitment to make their communities safer and fairer.”

Tymas did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment. Similarly, the law firm Perkins Coie, who is listed as the contact email for the Justice & Public Safety PAC in FEC filings, did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

If you ever wonder if you are one of the more equal ones, you aren’t.

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