Educating for lovelessness

Capitol Resource Institute uncovers what the schools are doing so far as educating our kids.  What exactly is the purpose of this kind of education?  Destruction.  Nothing but intentional destruction.  It destroys parental authority which aims at raising kids with a value system the Progressives want to destroy.  It destroys the moral fabric of the upcoming generation well beyond simply sexual morality.  It destroys the capacity of these children to form natural, normal relationships.  It destroys their capacity for self discipline necessary to form stable family units in which to raise their own children.  It destroys the connection between sex and procreation at a time when birth rates are already crashing. Ultimately it destroys the capacity for love by reducing love to romance and romance to sex.  Read the report and support the Capitol Resource Institute.

SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE) and Power to Decide have joined together to form the Sex Ed For All Month Coalition, and have declared May “Sex Ed For All” month.
They call it Sex Ed For All Month. We call it Sex Ed EXPOSED Month.
The New Sex Ed: What’s the Big Deal?
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Parents need to know that the Comprehensive Sex Ed curricula schools are adopting in 2021 is a totally different animal than Sex Ed from just a few years ago.
Comprehensive Sex Ed is rights-based, meaning it teaches children they are sexual from birth and they have a right to do as they please sexually, regardless of what their parents, their religion, or anyone else says about it. CSE also teaches kids they have the right to sexual pleasure: Acknowledging Pleasure in Sexuality Education – ETR:
In addition, CSE teaches that kids have a right to CSE.
Children in elementary schools are being exposed to teachings on how masturbate, that they can be more than just a boy or girl, encouraging them to dress in the opposite sex’s clothing, that they can explore sexual feelings with whoever they are attracted to, that their anatomy does not determine their gender, that there are multiple genders, and other offensive teachings.
What we have discovered in just one school district alone will have you outraged and in disbelief. That is why we continue to ask that you please consider giving $100 to “Adopt a District.”
Remember, there are over 900 school districts throughout California that we have submitted formal public records requests. We are asking them to be transparent and reveal to parents and the public exactly what sexual issues, topics, demonstrations and teachings they have approved for students.
The teachings we have read from one district in particular read like a pornographic how-to-guide teaching students how to arouse themselves while putting on condoms, use flavored lubricants when licking a male’s penis, how to properly insert “internal condoms” into a female’s vagina and into any person’s rectum, how to use saran wrap as a cheap way to act as a barrier for sexual penetration, oral sex and anal sex, and how to use a glove to act as a dental dam “so you could put a tongue or a finger in [the vagina or anus].”
This school district teaches all of this as part of new sex ed clubs disguised as “Sex Ed Squads.”
This district’s materials state that Sex Ed Squads are formed to “attain a mastery of reproductive health sufficient to pass knowledge on to their peers…” But while that may sound innocuous and harmless the materials state that Sex Ed Squad members are to be trained on how to engage in interactive activities where they are encouraged to practice with each other how to use condoms, vaginal devices and oral and anal barriers.
They are also encouraged to share their personal sex stories with one another so that they can compare notes in an effort to put other peers at ease about trying various sexual acts.
How many other school districts have gone to this extreme? How many parents are informed about what is really going on in their child’s classroom?
At the end of Sex Ed Exposed Month, CRI will be releasing our first batch of information on school districts across California, letting parents know what grades CSE is being taught as well as what curriculum is being used.
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The New Sex Ed: What’s the Big Deal?
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