Beijing Biden to expand secret snitch program

Back when Immaculate Barry (peess be upon him) was Marxist in Chief he twice created and promoted a website where traitors could denounce their fellow citizens for not being totally onboard with The Won’s Fundamentally Transformational agenda.  Both of those efforts were short lived, presumably because most of the responses they got were not denouncing Christian Conservative Republican running dogs, capitalist roaders and wrong thinkers, but the Regime itself and its totalitarian agenda.  In both cases the wanna-be precursors to the Secret Police, their Gestapo enforcers and their Gulag Guards were hastily stuffed down the Memory Hole in less than two weeks.

To no one’s surprise, except the CNN fed Zombies still blinded by the so-far successful revolutionary coup (it won’t last), the Zhou Bi Den (aka the Canton Kid) maladministration is reinstating Denunciation Centers and hiring an Army of Snoops to sniff out the aforementioned Christian Conservative Republican running dogs, capitalist roaders and wrong thinkers and bring them to suitably unconstitutional Revolutionary Justice.  Oh, my shocked face!  Who could have seen this coming, besides every reader of 20th Century history?  The American Conservative carries the story (h/t Jeffrey Prather):

Biden Plans Expansion Of Feds’ Army Of Snitches In ‘Dollars For Collars’ Program
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How the administration plans on expanding its already massive surveillance apparatus.

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